Our Facilities
Station #1
Located at the intersection of Old Highway M & Old Lemay Ferry Road in Imperial, Missouri.

Built in 1953 by citizens and volunteers of the Antonia Community Fire Department.
This station is still in use today and is manned by our paid staff 24 hours a day.

Station #2 Headquarters
Located at the intersection of New Highway M & Moss Hollow Road in Barnhart, Missouri.

Built in 2003 to meet the growing needs of the community and serves as the administrative headquarters for the district.

This station is manned by our paid staff 24 hours a day.

Located on Old Highway 21 south of Otto, Missouri

Purchased in 2002 for its location, this facility was converted into a fire house and opened in 2004 and is currently manned by our volunteer staff.
Station #3
The Antonia Fire Protection District's three fire houses cover 36 square miles of unincorporated Jefferson County, Missouri
Antonia Fire Protection District
6633 Moss Hollow Road
Barnhart, Missouri 63012
Phone:  636-948-4433
Fax:  636-948-0540
In the case of an emergency,
call 9-1-1 immediately.
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Friday, January 19th, 2018
AFPD Regular Monthly Board
Meetings House #2
Moss Hollow Road & Highway M
First and Third Tuesday of Each
Month @ 6:00 pm